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Services for sellers

What we offer to Sellers:

Personal guarantee and transparency.
We are local professionals, recognized and highly reputable on the Costa del Sol. We will not ask you to sign complicated documents. We just need your authorisation and a title deed certificate (nota simple) to verify ownership.

Free appraisal of your property performed by a qualified professional.
Although the final price is your decision, we will give you our advice without any cost for you, according to the data of the real estate market, so you can have all the necessary information to decide the selling price of your property.

Professional photography.
We take a professional set of photos to make your property even more attractive to potential buyers.

Property layout  floorplans.
It is one of the most widespread requests of customers. For this reason, from Chic Marbella Properties, we take measurements of the house and we shape them into a Plan that is not technical but its task is to inform the potential buyer of the interior distribution of the house.

Window Card and descriptive text.
We collect all the data of your property and its characteristics and we capture them in a direct and intelligible text so that it reaches potential customers looking for properties like yours.

Key Holders.
We keep the keys entrusted to us by the owners in a safe deposit box. The use of this service increases by 80% the possibility of selling your home in less than 30 days.

Buyers | Clients.
We are in direct contact with more than 2000 national and international clients, interested in buying a property on the Costa del Sol.

Collaborating agencies.
Chic Marbella Properties  is a member of one of the largest Spanish real estate networks, with more than 500 agencies that will be able to offer your home. This guarantees maximum exposure while you only deal with us, one agency.

We publish our properties on over  portals and over 500 websites, where clients will easily find your property.


We manage viewings to your property for both direct clients and other agencies, and we inform you promptly of the outcome of the visit.

We do not send you any offers, only those from clients with serious intentions of buying at a fair price and willing to deposit a reservation, this way we will not bother you unnecessarily.

Additional advantages.
We regularly launch special campaigns to all our collaborating agencies and direct clients, and we also advertise on the main real estate portals that guarantee the best results


We prepare drafts of the contracts necessary for the formalisation of the sale and the payment of the reservation deposit, as well as review the deadlines and requirements.


We accompany you at all times at the notary’s office and supervise everything up to the signing, so that the selling of your property is a pleasant and relaxed experience.


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